Streaming Services – April 14th, 2020

During the rest of the Coronavirus pandemic we will continue to prerecord our services for our church. We will stream these services via the Church Online platform at our normal service time at 10:15a. On Sunday morning you will find a “Watch Live” button under the welcome banner on the front page of the website. This will lead you to our online platform at where you can chat with others and request prayer from our pastors and staff.  The room will be open by at least 10:00 the day of so you have time to greet each other and get things setup. We hope this will allow us to more closely mimic our weekend gathering by all watching the service together at the same time. 

Weekend Gathering – March 15th, 2020

Redeemer Church, 

We appreciate your patience with us as we try to take in all relevant information about Coronavirus, and updates on restrictions from our governing authorities.

As many of you know, last week ECS (the school where we meet) informed us that we could not gather due to Coronavirus dangers. Since then, the state, as well as King County, has placed further restrictions on gatherings over 250 and 100, respectively. These restrictions significantly affect our church’s weekly corporate worship. 

In light of this new information, we’d like to answer three questions for you: 

What is our plan for this Sunday?

This Sunday (3/15/20), we will have a pre-recorded sermon video available. This video will be located in the regular places (sermon page of website/app/etc.) as well as the first thing you will see when you go to the homepage of our website. 

This pre-recording will have the most recent sermon from our Exodus series (Exodus 25:1-40). There will be a small number of people in attendance as we film. Still, because of government restrictions, this number will be limited.

What are we asking you to do?

We encourage you if you are healthy, to meet in your community groups and watch the sermon video together (if you are not in a community group, please consider contacting a community group leader in your area. You can find a list of our community groups on our website). We’d also ask you to pray for those affected by the virus, our cities, and our church. If you are unable to gather with others because of health concerns, please view the sermon on Sunday morning in the safety of your own home. 

What about the weeks to come?

We wish we could give details on what coming weeks may look like, however with the fluid nature of this situation and the frequent updates from our governing authorities; we can’t say much more at this point. 

Thank you again for your patience. We will keep you as updated as we are able. 

We are confident that our sovereign Lord is sovereign over this situation as well. We can take peace in that. 

-The elders at Redeemer Church

Weekend Gathering Canceled – March 8th, 2020

Redeemer Church’s worship gathering is canceled this Sunday (3/8/2020). Eastside Christian School has informed us that due to the Coronavirus, there will be no events or gatherings allowed on their campus this weekend. We will find out more early next week about the following weekend and beyond.
If additional Sunday gatherings are affected, the elders will work on other options (gathering in a different location, streaming the sermon via social media, etc.). We will keep you updated as we have more information. In the meantime, please pray for our cities. We do not want to add to any overreaction or diminish the seriousness of this virus. Some are becoming sick with a few resulting in death. Let’s pray for these people and their families. Let’s pray that the Lord will work through this situation for His glory and His church’s good.