Welcome to the 2024 Bible reading plan at Redeemer.

Psalm 1 says the one who delights in the law of the LORD is blessed, and like a sturdy tree planted next to a stream. We hope that this plan helps you to grow in your discipleship to Jesus as you read God’s great story of his glory and the redemption of his people.

What is it?

We are using the M’Cheyne reading plan this year. It is a plan that reads through the whole bible in one year. This should only take you about twenty minutes per day and includes readings from different portions of  the biblical canon. 

How Do I Join in?

You can join the plan in a few different ways. You can go old school and print out the pdf of the plan, and follow it each day. Or, you can subscribe to the plan on YouVersion to tick off the days digitally. You can also utilize YouVersion’s audio recordings. Additionally, if you want to discuss the passages with other Redeemer people you can join the ‘Read with Redeemer’ Facebook group. Every month we will collect questions from you and respond to them in a Q&A podcast. If you want to submit a question, click the button below 

Reading Encouragements

• When you miss a day or a portion, just start with the current day’s reading. Then when life allows go back and read what was missed. If you missed breakfast and lunch, you don’t have to eat them before you can eat dinner. Eat with us now! Always start with today’s reading.

• Don’t allow your pursuit of perfection to hinder the development of a beneficial habit. You may not grasp every detail initially, and that’s okay. Remember, the aim is a lifelong commitment to reading the Word, providing numerous chances to gain deeper insights into those passages.

• Ask others in your community group to join in reading. Join the Facebook group and feel free to ask questions. Community helps to keep us accountable but also to help us understand what God is saying to His people.

• Pray before you read and ask God to help you understand. Pray that God would incline your heart to Him, not to prideful gain or any false motive (Psalm 119:36), open your eyes to behold wonderful things in his Word (Psalm 119:18), unite your heart to fear His name (Psalm